Tips for choosing your wood floor

Carpets and wood floors are probably the two most common choices in floor surface covering. Undoubtedly, carpets have their advantages. But if you have decided to install timber flooring, you’ve made the right choice.

The natural patterns and warmth that wood creates make wood floors favorable in numerous environments. These are definitely more impressive than any carpet would be.

Besides, it’s almost impossible to really clean your carpet, as stains and dust can settle deep into the fibers. On the contrary, it’s relatively easy to clean and maintain your wood floors. It’s sometimes just enough to wipe them clean.

Wood flooring comes in various colors, patterns, widths and finishes.

Stains give a natural feeling to any room. You can select them in a way matching different decors. However, stained wood can be sanded and re-stained several times to restore original colors or create new ones.

Wood species have their particular grains, color, and veining. Your choice entirely depends on your own preferences. People usually choose oak and maple species, but a common choice is also beech, cherry, walnut or some exotic woods.

Installing is also important. When laying down your wood floor, have in mind the size and shape of the room. If you install the boards lengthwise in a long room, it may look even longer, and a nice idea should be installing them diagonally.

You have a choice amongst variable widths of boards. And your preference should depend on the effect you want to create. Thinner boards make a room look longer, and wider boards make it seem shorter.

Do not forget about the accessories you are going to need, such as edgings, stairway nosings, vent flashings, and moldings to join with the walls. Their stain and finish should match your flooring’s stain and finish.

Check out what flooring types and styles are available on the market to choose the one that fits your needs.

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