Hardwood floor styles

If you can afford it, hardwood flooring should be the type of flooring to use. It is definitely worth its price. Hardwood floors have never been more popular, as many people prefer to have them in high traffic areas, such as the living room or the kitchen.

Unlike carpets, it is much easier to keep a hardwood floor clean. So, if you are thinking of replacing your carpet for hardwood floors, nowadays, there are three styles of hardwood floors available on the market. You can choose among strip (linear), parquet and plank flooring, which are all available in a variety of species, colors and widths.

Strip flooring is what you need, if you want to create a linear effect that gives you the illusion to find yourself in a larger, more open space. Strip flooring board width varies between one and one-half inches to two and one-fourth inches. This style of flooring is often considered to be “traditional” wood flooring.

Plank hardwood flooring is also considered a linear flooring, but it is wider than strip flooring, thus creating a more casual look. Plank flooring board width typically ranges from three inches to seven inches. You can find planks in almost every type of wood, from softwoods to hardwoods and exotics to rustics. However, choosing this style of flooring you will have concerns about what effect moisture will have on the floor.

Another style of hardwood flooring is parquet, which is wood flooring pieces. These hardwood pieces can vary in size and usually generate a geometric look. Parquet flooring is available in many modern or classic patterns and it can be very simple or complex in design. Parquet tiles are intended for glue-down installation over wood or concrete sub-floors.

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