How to stain a timber floor

Does your timber floor need refreshment? It can be given a more appealing look by colouring with one or more coats of stain. After all, timber floor staining is meant to enhance colour and grains.

Before staining your timber floor, consider the following issues:

Be sure to select the most appropriate method suiting your needs. To colour your timber floor there are two options. If you wish to have the effect of a strong colour, a stain can be applied directly to the timber. If you want a lighter appearance, consider liming or use a varnish stain.

If your floor is patched from different species of timber, staining will not make the varying timbers match completely.

Some timbers have uneven porosity which may result in different depth of colour.

Older timber will result in a darker stain.

Choose either water based or oil based system but do not mix them.

If you have decided to do the floor staining yourself, follow our step-by-step tutorial to easily do it.

1. Repair the defects.

Use timber putty or filter to seal holes and imperfections on your floor.

2. Sand floor in the direction of grains.

Sand timber using different grits of sandpaper to create a smooth, even surface.

3. Tape up the skirtings.

This way the stain will not affect other surfaces.

4. Clean the floor.

Vacuum and wipe using a soft, cotton cloth soaked in mineral spirit to remove any dust and dirt.

5. Apply the stain along the length of the boards.

Apply the first coat of your chosen stain or varnish mix evenly with a brush or rag in accordance with the supplier’s recommendation. Work a few boards at a time. Do not forget to wear gloves.

6. Wait for the stain to penetrate.

Let stain penetrate for a few minutes, then wipe off excess with a rag and let stain dry.

7. Final touches

If you want a darker colour, apply second coat of stain.

Once dry, apply top coat of water-based polyurethane with a clean paintbrush and floor finish applicator. This helps to protect and preserve the wood. Allow to dry two hours and apply second coat.

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