How to mop timber

If you can afford it, timber flooring should be the type of flooring to use. One main advantage of timber flooring is that it is relatively easy to clean and maintain because dirt does not stick to it. And unlike carpet, hardwood floors do not hold stuff that can aggravate allergies.

However, you have to properly take care of your timber floors to create a healthier environment for living. Following the best cleaning techniques will help you prolong your floor’s life and preserve the beauty of its colour and natural patterns. And if you get tired of the colour, you can always stain or lime your floor.

Mopping your timber floor is essential, but how to do it without making mistakes?

Sweep floor beforehand.

Any dust and hair should be removed from floor before mopping to prevent scratching. A cleaning robot or a soft indoor broom will make the job easier.

Use flat mops.

Flat mops are recommended for cleaning hardwood floors. For best results with least efforts use a spinning microfiber mop.

Use cold or warm water.

Do not use hot water when mopping, as it may dull the finish and damage the floor.

Wring the excess moisture.

Keep wringing to make the mop as dry as possible. Moisture is your floor’s biggest enemy. It can cause the wood to wrap. Using a lightly damp mop will protect the wood and even make it dry faster.

Empty the water regularly.

You may use two buckets – one for detergent and one with pure water for rinsing the mop. This way you will prevent spreading the dirt.

Use the right detergent.

Using a solution with just water is recommended. However, if you need to use floor detergent or soap in the mop water, try not to use too much of it, as it can make the floor slippery or leave chemical residues.

Follow the grains.

To pick up as much dirt as possible follow the grains of the wood when mopping.

Wash mop after using.

When you finish with cleaning your floor, thoroughly wash your mop to leave it hygienic for the next use.

Mop frequently.

Clean your timber floor at least once a week to keep your floors feeling fresh and shiny.

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